Meghan is a wonderful piano teacher! She has been teaching my 9 year old daughter for several years and I have been so pleased with the growth and progress she has shown. Meghan has a gentle, kind approach and a warm, friendly personality -- a combination that my daughter finds both appealing and motivating. Meghan also plans a recital in the spring where the students can showcase their talents and gain some valuable performance experience. I am so happy that we found a piano teacher who loves working with kids just as much as she loves the piano!

~Kendall Strickler


I had no idea what to expect when I first signed up for Vocal Lessons. All I knew was that I would hopefully learn how to protect my voice. I wound up learning so much more. Not only did Ms. Meghan help me shelter my vocal cords and extend my range, but she worked with me on a plethora of musical topics. When I was in a musical (The Little Mermaid), we worked on my technique for my solos. When I was in a straight play, we developed a resonating evil laugh for my character. Whenever I would come into my lesson with a sore throat or lost voice, we would work on music theory, or pound out some notes on piano. Whatever I need, Ms. Meghan never fails to help me learn and grow. 


~ Yardley Borten




I first came to Meghan with a dream and doubts. I knew I wanted to be an amazing singer and entertainer, but didnt believe I had what it took. Through my nerves, I sang for Meghan and she assured me that I did indeed, have what it took to see my dreams to fruition. She is very encouraging, but at the same time honest, sincere, and nurturing. I have never felt that Meghan was using my dream to put a dollar in her pocket. If it’s good she’ll be the first one to let me know. She’ll, also, let me know when it’s not so good all while cheering me on because she still believes in me. Knowing that allowed me to feel safe. Meghan creates this space that’s safe to make mistakes, have discussions, and explore. The most amazing thing about Meghan is that she has so much knowledge, training, and professional experience, yet is so humble. She will freely boast about all of her students and their accomplishments as if she had nothing to do with it. It’s evident that Meghan does not teach to seek credit, instead is fulfilled by helping her students succeed. Thank you Meghan for all that you do and the generous nature in which you do it. Hands down one of my favorite teachers!

~Ty Walker



I have been with Meghan Williams Elkins for over 6 years. I started off as a shy 14 year hoping to find a supportive piano teacher but what I found was greater and really changed my life. Not only does Meghan help me with piano lessons but she also helps me with voice lessons, monologue workshops, character study, and audition material. The most amazing part is not only is she one of my favorite teachers but she is also one of my closest friends. I would recommend her to anybody who is looking to be a well-rounded performer!

 ~Shubhangi Kuchibhotla



Meghan Williams Elkins has been teaching weekly piano lessons to my family for almost 10 years.  She started with us when my oldest (now 14) was just 5 years old.  Meghan subsequently became the piano teacher for my now 12-year-old and 9-year-old.  Meghan has even recently begun to teach me!  She has been our piano teacher for so long because simply put, she is wonderful.


Meghan is a patient, friendly teacher who creates an environment for her students that makes each session fun and productive.  She has always created a positive, warm experience for each of my kids.  Meghan takes an interest in my children and has never treated any of them as just another student.  In fact, even though she has a very organized teaching methodology, she often collaborates with them and supports them in choosing music that they want to play.  She completely understands that sometimes lessons need to be mixed-up to hold a child's attention and encourage a child's individual interest in music.  As my kids have developed and changed, she has tailored her lessons to each individual child.   Her personality is as important as her teaching ability, superb technical skills, and music theory experience.  In fact, Meghan has become an important adult and confidant to my 9-year-old daughter.  We so appreciate all that Meghan gives our family.  


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the piano lesson experience of my middle child.  When my 12-year-old son began in-home lessons a number of years ago, we did not use Meghan.  What a mistake that was?!  We asked Meghan to begin in-home lessons and much to our joy, she agreed.  Once my son began in-home lessons with Meghan, his love for piano really took off.  What my son ‘learned’ with the previous teacher was a joke compared to what Meghan was able to teach him in a few short weeks.  Meghan has helped foster his love of music.  She has definitely motivated him to develop as a player.  He loves to play and has really enjoyed the recitals Meghan organizes.


Finally, as a matter of Meghan’s professionalism — she is always punctual, easy to communicate with, and provides timely schedule updates.  We feel so lucky to have Meghan as our piano teacher.  Now that I’m taking lessons from Meghan, I appreciate her skill even more!!  We love you Mrs. Meghan!!

 ~Amanda Karst



Ms. Williams Elkins has been teaching our children for many years. Our oldest child studied voice lessons with her and now our youngest is learning piano. Ms. Elkins has a kind and encouraging manner which motivates her pupils to learn. Our youngest one eagerly awaits her next lesson and gushes about Ms. Elkins. She excitedly performs for us all the new piano pieces she has learned and we've seen great progress with her. Ms. Elkins encourages her students to take responsibility for their progress and has a reward system in place for our daughter which highly motivates her. Ms. Elkins understands children and that goes a long way to making her such an effective teacher. We would highly recommend Ms. Elkins for piano and voice among her many artistic talents.

~Heidi and Andres Castro







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